No restart functions included, refresh the page to try again. Left and right arrow keys to move. Difficulty increases over time. 

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Made withUnity
Tags8-Bit, bombs, Casual, dodge, Score Attack, viking


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Nice art! Is there a difficulty curve?

There was not until you mentioned something about it :)

I uploaded a second build. This one has my intended screen resolution and the difficulty will scale higher twice over time as the game progresses. If this game gets more activity I'll add in a menu system to restart without refreshing and a leaderboard. 

Thank you for trying this one out!

Yeah that's better with the curve! Fun fact. Did you know the difficulty curve originated from a glitch? Atari's Space Invader's had too many enemies on the screen causing slow-down. As you removed them from the game, the game sped up lol.
Having to reload unity is a pain. No need for a menu now, but I'd try something like on2dcollision(){ //loadScene("game");}. Just for a quick restart.